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mar 25 de jul


Semi presencial por plataforma ZOOM

Inglés (4 niveles)

Fecha: 25 de Julio al 7 de Diciembre del 2023. Horario: Martes y Jueves de 18:00 a 20:00 horas. Afiliado CMIC: $12,000.00 Público general: $18,560.00

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Inglés (4 niveles)
Inglés (4 niveles)

Horario y ubicación

25-jul, 16:00 GMT-6 – 07-dic, 20:00 GMT-6

Semi presencial por plataforma ZOOM

Acerca del evento


Introducir   conocimientos básicos, intermedio o avanzado del Idioma Inglés, según sea el   caso, a través de las diferentes habilidades listening, speaking, reading and   writing, proporcionando al estudiante las herramientas necesarias para   lograrlo.

Dirigido a:

Público   en general, adolescentes y adultos que deseen adquirir conocimientos básicos,   siendo su primer contacto con el idioma, o Intermedio/avanzado para mejorar y   perfeccionar el conocimiento previamente adquirido del Idioma Inglés.


1. Beginners (Básico)

1.1 Greetings & farewells Introducing   yourself

1.2 Daily routines

1.3 Present simple tense- 3rd.   person singular

1.4 Frequency Adverbs

1.5 Present Continuous activities   and plan

1.6 Describe your neighborhood, ask   for and give directions.

1.7 Order from a Menu, Countable   and uncountable nouns use of many, much, any, some.

1.8 Adjectives for clothing, types   of clothes

1.9 Comparatives use of one and   ones. – Hobbies and activities, time expressions of the Past, Past Simple   Tense.

1.10 Talk about your last vacation

1.11 Adjectives to describe places,   questions in Past

1.12 Talk about an accident you have   been or seen, Past Continuous Vs. Past Simple

2. Intermediate (Intermedio)

2.1 Time expressions for the   Future, describe your house, talk about furniture.

2.2 Electrical appliances,   adjectives to describe electronic devices, use of should, superlatives, ask   for/give recommendations.

2.3 Expressions to show abilities,   use of can/ could, talk about abilities in the Present and in the Past.

2.4 Connectors of sequence, tell a   short story using sequence of time.

2.5 Talk about travel experiences,   types of trips, Present Perfect.

2.6 Expressions about diets and   workout, use of never, yet, already and just, Present Perfect continuous.

2.7 Household duties, utensils for   housework, use of must and have to, speak about responsibilities at home.

2.8 Types of stories, adjectives to   describe stories, expressions about reading, Past Perfect, narrative tenses.

2.9 Phrasal verbs, vocabulary at   work, talk about job routines.

2.10 Vocabulary about camping, use   of would rather, gerunds and Infinitives.

3. Intermediate – Advanced (IntermedioAvanzado)

3.1 Visual art, adjectives to   describe art, Passive voice, describe masterpieces.

3.2 At the airport- vocabulary,   flight problems, paired conjunctions.

3.3 Adjectives to describe   personality, real conditionals, unreal future conditionals, prefixes to make   opposites.

3.4 Movie genres, adjectives that   describe movies, life events, unreal conditional of the past, comparatives   using as.

3.5 Vocabulary for telephone   conversations, parts of an e-mail, direct speech, leave and receive phone   messages.

3.6 Natural disasters, emergency   preparations and supplies, reported speech, use of say and tell.

4. Advanced (Avanzado)

4.1 Different advanced readings

4.2 Reading comprehension / follow   up questions

4.3 Vocabulary related, American   slang terms, and useful expressions.

4.4 Speaking – pair conversation

4.5 Writing essays

4.6 Linkers & cohesion.

4.7 TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC Material   and audios.

Duración: 80 horas de capacitación.





  • Inglés (4 niveles)


    Incluye diploma con valor curricular.






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